November 29, 2023 2 min read

A live edge console table embodies the beauty of nature in its rawest form, seamlessly merging with contemporary interior design. Essentially, this type of table often finds its place behind a sofa or up against a wall, serving as an elegant display platform for decor items like vases, photographs, and other cherished artifacts. With a live edge front being a universal feature, it showcases the untouched side of the wood, adding a rustic yet sophisticated charm to any space.

Crafting the Perfect Live Edge Console Table

Building Process and Materials

The process of creating these stunning pieces varies based on design preferences and space considerations. Typically, one edge is cut straight, ensuring it fits perfectly behind a couch or against a wall. Depending on client requirements, these tables can range from being build-ins specific to a house or designed to fit a space without necessarily reaching wall-to-wall.

Unlike larger pieces which might require joining multiple wood sections, console tables usually derive from a single piece of wood, which often doesn't exceed 16 inches in width. This singular design not only eases the sourcing of materials but also simplifies the crafting process, eliminating the need for gluing multiple pieces.

Size and Design Considerations

Despite being narrower compared to other furniture pieces, a live edge console table can sometimes stretch up to eight or ten feet in length, making it a captivating focal point in any room. This design choice ensures a streamlined look, maximizing its aesthetic appeal while minimizing the footprint.

Base Design and Individual Preferences

While the table top, with its unique live edge, usually captures most of the attention, the base too has its own story to tell. Depending on the setting, some of these tables might appear to "float" off the wall, having no base, while others might require a base as intricate as those seen in dining room tables.

Often, simpler designs are chosen so that the limelight remains on the top. However, for the more artistically inclined clientele, an elaborate table leg can be just as pivotal as the top, making a dual statement in design.

Exotic and Unique Designs

Nature, in all its splendor, offers myriad wood types and designs. Some clients, in their pursuit of exclusivity, often request woods not native to regions like the Midwest. Whether it's sourcing exotic woods or creating tables from the root section of a tree, the aim is always to craft a piece that's as functional as it is beautiful. Modern designs have even seen the infusion of epoxy rivers in these tables or incorporating backlit sections, transforming the table into a subtle night light for the room.


A live edge console table is not just a piece of furniture; it’s an artistic expression that blends the rugged beauty of nature with refined craftsmanship. With its varied designs and the scope for customization, it continues to be a sought-after addition to homes and spaces aiming for a touch of nature-infused elegance.