December 06, 2023 2 min read

The fusion of raw nature with contemporary interior design results in a stunning masterpiece, the live edge bar top. These pieces are gaining significant traction in modern homes, primarily for their blend of organic form with function. Essentially a single cut from a tree, the live edge bar top can feature both of the tree’s natural edges or just one, depending on design preferences.

Crafting the Ideal Bar Top

The design intricacies of these bar tops closely resemble those of console tables. Sometimes created from a single wood piece, they often feature both live edges. However, depending on functional requirements and aesthetic choices, the back live edge might be removed, especially if the design incorporates a sink area. The versatility of design ensures that these bar tops can either be in a straight run or be wrap-around builds that integrate seamlessly into existing spaces.

Demand for Bar Tops

Post the challenges of COVID-19, many homeowners looked inwards, focusing on enhancing their living spaces. With families confined to their homes and children being home from school, unfinished basements transitioned into functional spaces. As a result, the demand for bar tops saw an unprecedented rise.

Bar Tops in Modern Home Constructions

The architectural trend is leaning towards homes with expansive basements, reducing the demand for two-layered homes. These expansive basements serve as perfect gathering areas, urging homeowners to invest in live edge bar tops, console tables, and even secondary dining tables. This emerging trend points towards a future where homes are designed keeping entertainment and gathering at the core.

Installation and Construction

While the allure of a live edge bar top is undeniable, its installation varies based on the type of construction.

New Builds versus Old Constructions

Working with new constructions is often more straightforward than retrofitting these tops in older homes. Fresh builds offer the advantage of a clean slate, eliminating challenges posed by homes that have settled over decades. In older constructions, out-of-square scenarios, drywall cut-outs, and working around dated fixtures can make the installation process complex.

Installation Challenges in Aged Constructions

The allure of vintage homes is unmatched. However, introducing contemporary elements like a live edge bar top can pose challenges. Old tiles, long-settled structures, and decades-old design elements can make installations a meticulous process. However, the blend of the old with the new can result in unique spaces, rich in character and contemporary charm.


The live edge bar top isn't just a piece of furniture; it's an embodiment of nature's raw beauty meshed with modern design. Whether you're looking to elevate an old space or design a new one, the timeless allure of these bar tops ensures they remain at the forefront of contemporary interior design trends.