March 13, 2024 2 min read

When it comes to making the crucial decision of choosing the right live edge table legs, it can often be a challenging and thought-provoking task. You want your table to serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, and striking that perfect balance is no small feat. In this comprehensive and informative guide, we'll explore the various factors you should consider to ensure you make the best possible choice for your unique live edge table.

Choosing the Right Table Base

The choice of table base largely depends on the style you want to achieve in your home. If your house has a contemporary or modern vibe, you might lean towards a steel base with intricate design details. However, most live edge table enthusiasts prefer a simple and unobtrusive base that allows the tabletop to steal the show.

Steel Table Legs

Steel table legs have gained popularity in the world of live edge tables. They offer a sleek and contemporary look that complements the natural beauty of the live edge slab. Steel legs provide stability without overwhelming the overall design. Hairpin legs, once a trend, have given way to these more substantial options.

Wood Table Bases

While steel legs are in vogue, wood table bases should not be dismissed. There are innovative wood table base designs that can enhance the appeal of your live edge table. Avoid the bulky and blocky wood legs typically found on traditional trestle tables. Instead, consider clean and artistic wood bases that can complement your table's unique character.

Providing Table Leg Services

Many live edge slab buyers often wonder if they can get matching table legs. Fortunately, some suppliers, like us, offer table leg services. It may not be our primary business, but we do have a metal shop capable of creating custom table legs. We provide customers with standard options or even let our metal craftsmen unleash their creativity to design unique, eye-catching bases.

The Need for Center Support

One crucial factor to consider when choosing table legs is the need for center support. Large live edge tables, whether with wood or steel legs, require additional structural support to prevent sagging over time. Metal legs have an advantage here because they can provide the necessary support with less bulk.

Advantages of Metal Legs

Metal legs, particularly steel, come with several advantages. Their strength allows for smaller, more minimalist designs, reducing the amount of material needed compared to bulky wood bases. Steel legs offer the same structural integrity while maintaining an elegant and open appearance. This means that your live edge table can have a more delicate and refined look while still being robust and stable.


Choosing the right live edge table legs is essential to achieving the perfect look and functionality for your dining or coffee table. Whether you opt for the contemporary appeal of steel legs or the warmth of wood bases, make sure to consider your table's size and the need for center support.

If you're unsure about the best choice, don't hesitate to contact KC Custom Hardwoods today for guidance. Your live edge table should be a showstopper in your home, and the right table legs play a crucial role in making that happen.