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Many woodworkers have a problem. They want to build professional quality projects but they lack the expensive machinery to do the job correctly.

We've been there too.  Back in 2017 our shop was in a 500 sq ft storage unit and had 1 … yes I said it, 1 power outlet to run our entire shop. It was a nightmare.

Today we have a 12,000 sq ft shop and all the tools to help you complete your project.

We offer a full range of woodshop services to help you take your project from raw lumber to finished product, and anywhere in between.


Common Services Offered:

  • Live Edge Slab Surfacing/Flattening up to 20' Long x 6' Wide

  • Widebelt Sanding up to 43"

  • Trim/Rip To Size

  • Planing

  • Jointing

  • Glue Ups

  • Epoxy Fills

  • Epoxy Pours

  • Butterfly Joints

  • Finish Sanding

  • Polyurethane Top Coats


  • If you have a simple project, we offer simple pricing.  A flat rate of $80/hr billed in 15 minute increments, plus any materials required to build the project.

  • If you have a complex project, we are happy to quote the work before we get started.

Common Project Pricing:

  • Live Edge Slab Flattening Under 8' Long x 15" wide:  around $80

  • Tabletop Flattening for an 8' Solid Wood Table:  around $250

  • Tabletop Flattening for an 8' Epoxy River Table:  around $300

  • Polyurethane Top Coat on an 8' x 3.5' Tabletop:  around $650

  • (Please note that every project is different, so prices will vary)​

If you need help getting your project to a professional quality, call us today.  Your project will thank you for it!

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